Sunday, January 24, 2010

hello everyone...

hello everyone,

I’m syarifah.Let’s talk about my blog, for my blog theme and style I choose looks like nature, calm and give more excited to everyone to read my blog. Although my blog simple but it can attract to other for read. I just use simple English language to easy everyone for read and understand my blog. There are benefit write the blog, with blog we can share more information and experience with other and we also can get and give comment or opinion from other about my blog. For being a perfect blogger, I must always to improve my English little bit. Besides that, I must diligent to read the other’s people blog to see the style, way to write blog and so on. The other reason to be a perfect blogger is we can accept critics from other people about the blog.

Before I learn about blog in my class I feel is something that wasting my time and also not important in my life but after the lecturer explain about blog I be more excited to write my own blog .I think when I write the blog it can give me new experience. I also can share more information with other people and also can know the opinion from other about some topic. Beside that blog also can help to improve English language .blog also can help get more knowledge .I feel very happy and excited to write my blog…..