Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why communication important to getting job?

Communication is the ability to share information with people and to understand what information and feelings are being conveyed by others. Effective communication is very important in work as it is a form of link between interviewer and interviewees. When we communication is better it can show the confident in self, it can help we to easy getting the job.

In any line of business, effective communication is essential. In a single day, an employee may have to communicate with half a dozen different people, including clients, co-workers, employers, and suppliers. When we show the nervous in interview the communication between them will trouble and for getting the job maybe is difficult.So, for getting the job we must showing the better communication skill.


Duit Kopi? Coffee Money?
Hey there,

Well, "coffee money" or "rasuah" is sort of a common thing in Malaysia. It is definatly not good, because if everybody does this, the economy of this country will surely go down. Here's a picture of what we always see in town.This is what all the cops or detectives are wearing, but do you think they are really following it?I'd say this is what they are wearingWell i know there are stuff that u need to bribe. Such as, drivers license,restraunt license, taxi permit, and many more. If u do not bribe for the drivers license, you will never pass. Maybe this is what is causing so many accidents in Malaysia? I have heard that you will have to bribe them just to make the process faster, if not it will take about half a year or so just to get your permit or license.
We always say that cops are bad or this people is bad because they take coffee money, but dont forget the 1 that offers them. If we want to stop this "rasuah" goin around we must first stop offerring them or giving them a chance to take.

SoMEOne In My ClaSS

SoMEOne My ClAsS

There is about someone in class.

I am close with her in semester three because same class with her. I also same class with her in semester four.

We always go to class together.

I easy to be friend with her because we can share many thing and favorites but sometime we also have misunderstood.

She is a simple, kind and cheerful person.

So I very happy getting a friend like her. I hope the relationship can still forever.